Scam Scum

Let me begin by stating that I have some of the worst luck one individual can have. Friends have compared my life to a final destination scene waiting to happen or said that I must have been horrible in some past life and am being punished in this one. In my last post, I had told my readers how I was starting my new life by quitting my largely physically strenuous job because I had a nannying job lined up. Well… that person turned out to be a scam artist. Thankfully, I was smarter than the average fifth grader and didn’t fall victim to scam scum. My situation would be far more dire if I didn’t have my amazing boyfriend. When I found out the news about it being a scam, I cried because I am incredibly independent and have never not been able to take care of myself and my own bills since 18. I don’t have mommy or daddy to run back to or ask for help so this could have been a way more life altering experience if I didn’t have Eli. All Eli said when I told him was, “Don’t worry about it, babygirl, we beat the scam and everything will be ok. Just relax and enjoy the rest of your much needed vacation and trust me.” I’m on vacation with him and his dad’s family on an island and then I go out to Texas for 4 days to visit my mom and older half sister.

I feel anger and depression due to this event, however, because I never wanted to put this pressure on my future husband and it makes me feel like less of an independent woman that I’ve worked so hard to become. Of course, Eli says that maybe, in the future, he’ll need me to take care of him to make me feel better. The only luck I’ve had in my life is with my “family” and forever friends. My best friends, Kasey and Whiley, my “grandparents”, my little brother, my older half sister, and Eli.

I guess, in the end, everything will work out the way it was intended to. I have no idea where this event will take me…but maybe that isn’t such a bad thing…


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