Quitting my first job to start my new life…

So I am only a few months away from being 20 and I just quit my first job. Like, it was legitimately my first job. I got it a day less than a month after my 18th birthday and worked there until I just could not stand it. I won’t say any names because in the end, it wasn’t the company I hated working for, it was the people inside the small part of the company that I worked for that made me miserable. Of course, since I am on my own and without the option of failure because I have no mommy or daddy to go back home to, I couldn’t quit until I had another job. I have two new jobs with the same person lined up and will be making more money working less hard. Let me explain, I worked as a cashier for a year and a month before being transferred to the meat department. Being a meat sales associate means that I worked in a freezer, lift heavy boxes of meats all day and fill the wall displays for customers. I have spinal damage from my childhood abuse and so I turned in my chiropractic paperwork, hoping to be transferred back to cashering but since it was only treatment paperwork with a list of my spine and back issues and not a paper from the chiropractor stating that I had limitation preventing me from being able to do the job, they refused to move me. My chiropractor refused to write me a paper stating any limitation because he didn’t want to give the company any reason to fire me because he knows I needed my job so I just had to suck it up. Some days were very hard for me and over time, being only 1 person out of a 3 person team running the meat department (all of those shifts!!) I became slower and would even cry some days because of my severe pain. One day, on one of my slow, crying days, management pulled me aside and ranted at me at my “productivity issues” and claimed that the only reason I hadn’t been fired was because of how well I had worked for them while I was cashiering. Which baffled me since I’d been asking to be moved back and they knew how horribly I was dealing with the heavy lifting and yet just made me feel like more shat. That was back in March… So, my quitting wasn’t some rash decision. I waited until the right opportunity arose and until I just ultimately could not deal with the pain of that work field anymore. I know that I should’ve put in my two weeks and waited it out that much longer but honestly, I felt a bit spiteful. I feel bad for my co-workers, I enjoyed them, but I had warned them before doing this so that it wouldn’t seem so much like a betrayal and they wished me the best of luck.

I have no regrets and even if these new jobs fall through, I’ve thankfully saved up some money to give me some time to find something new. I didn’t graduate top ten percent of my high school class for nothing.

Besides, this Saturday begins my boyfriend’s vacation with his dad’s family and I was invited about two months ago when they planned it. I get to start my new job with less pain and a great tan and a huge smile of happiness on my face. Before I officially begin my new job, I am spending a week at a beach resort with people who love me and I’m going to Texas to visit my older half sister, brother in law, and my sick mother. My life is coming together quite nicely for once and I am so proud of what I’ve begun to accomplish. My new job is becoming a full time nanny to a 6 year old boy who I am beyond excited to meet. I don’t know much about him because I haven’t met him or his mother yet but I still can’t help to consider this little boy like a nephew of sorts. His mother seems like such a sweetheart and I only hope that I can be everything she wanted in an errand runner and nanny. This job is a gift from the heavens. My grandpa (R.I.P) must be looking out for his youngest granddaughter.

I am sure I will write so much about my experiences with my little man but I’d have to make sure to discuss it with his mother. Make sure she doesn’t mind I do that. Note that I haven’t even dared to use their names. It’s not my place to expose them in any way. Some people, I know, refuse to even post pictures of their children online in fear that they’ll be targeted. I see that as a legitimate fear and respect that. Omma gosh, soooo excited for my new life!!!


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